The Great Festac Master Plan

The great Festac master plan was designed by new Festac property development co limited to incorporate both socio economic and community related objectives.

Focus on developing a broad spectrum of domestic housing availability, surrounding a light industrial environment, local market and cultural, educational and spiritual centers.

Infrastructural design and transport support also plays an important role, Integrated Water treatment plants, sewerages treatment and power generation, domestic gas supply, designed operated by independent specialist service providers.


In line with Federal and State housing policy, provision of housing incorporates, low rise duplex units, apartment complexes and family designed affordable apartment clusters. Housing needs must be addressed for all levels of society, and great emphasis has been taken on creating the correct balance within our master plan.

Villa Units, typically 3-4 bed room family units, with front and back yards, off street parking and associated support, security facilities. Individually designed to meet the overall theme and in keeping with surrounding structures, catering for the large family groups.

Patio – Affordable 2 and 3 bedroom apartment complexes for young couples and small family, designed in clusters with living area open to external areas, with supporting recreational facilities at strategically located positions.

Shamel – Affordable low cost housing apartment units, properly planned to absorb and unite families, constructed in clusters over 6 floor; focus has been on integration of surrounding units to promote a community environment.

Light industrial

Support industries are important for the sustainable development and growth of communities, offering local access to garage’s, merchants and small production based businesses, warehousing and many other small to medium enterprises will be encouraged to locate within the designated aras.

Creating local employment and training opportunities, it is envisaged that support services will be established here in conjunction with infrastructural service providers and community needs.

High rise

High rise Towers, consisting of Office buildings, designed as places of work, commerce and research are proposed for the iconic landmark center of the master plan.

Available as investment portfolio, a mix of residential and offices are proposed, incorporating one and two bed residential units and compact office space, for sale or rent per square foot.

Externally this center hub will become the urban central downtown district, with a modern open space atmosphere, complementing the high rise structures. With a village like layout, a mixture of restaurant, outdoor porches and terraces, boutique retail shopping and 4 to 5 star hotel chains.

The area will be a designated pedestrian zone, plaza design with shaded walkways from the extreme of the sun and climate. Buildings will project over streets and courtyards to shade the pedestrian and shelter sidewalk cafes.

Infrastructural layout

Road Design accessibility remains the central feature of the master plan, uncongested flow of traffic, ample parking and designated through roads with one way system, will all add to an efficient traffic management system.

The proposed jetty and helicopter pad will be incorporated with pedestrian ferry service, connecting other metropolis on an hourly basis.

Main arterial connections to the adjacent expressway will allow direct and unrestricted access at all times. Designated transport system incorporating bus stops and shelters, taxi parks and moorings allow for efficient and unrestricted movement of pedestrians and transportation at all times.

Drainage- International standards will be achieved regarding design, treatment and management of all sewerage treatment installations. It is also envisaged that future power generation will be incorporated as part of future upgrades and bioorganic systems currently being developed by our technical partner.

Water treatment and supply – shall be independently operated and maintained, ensuring continuous supply and quality year round. Management and monitoring of domestic supply will allow  quality standards to be constant and uninterrupted.

Power generation – A proposal for the independent power generation and supply structures, in conjunction with our technical partner’s forms part of NFDCL vision.

Uninterrupted twenty four supplies within Festac phase 2 will offer both domestic and commercial client a piece of mind and added residual property value for the long term.

Gas supply – the development will incorporate domestic and commercial gas supply to all areas of Festac phase 2. This will be the first development to comply with State domestic gas supply legislation and recent policy directives. 

Street light – design layout shall comply with current international standards and incorporate solar panel systems and maintained in conjunction with the power service provider, for continuous illumination during required period.

Refuse service – shall be operated by a licensed service provider to maintain and offer, both the domestic and commercial clients continuously peace of mind. Operated in conjunction with external cleaners, gardeners and maintenance crews dedicated to the continuous upkeep of the entire development.

Recreational areas – have been designed to promote both community based activities, coupled with corporate business park offering both daytime an weekend activities for the Festac Phase 2 opulation.

Communication – full provision for broadband supply to both domestic and commercial premises has been included in the design brief. A service provider shall manage and continually upgrade communications to world standards, offering corporate Nigeria instant access to world trade and markets alike.

Security – within Festac  phase 2 shall be given the highest priority with access to and fro monitored at all times, whilst not restricting movement of persons or vehicle’s, the most modern systems will be deployed. CCTV and strategically located police stations, will offer twenty four hours surveillance.

Community services

Support services are an integral part of any successful development, and NFDCL has focused in great detail incorporating the following:

Country club



Theater complex


Health center and spa

Mega departmental store

Primary & high schools

Fire service

The recreational parks will incorporate children’s play facilities, and sport fields and associated structures.


The provision of infrastructure shall be financed through lending trust or Syndicated Loan to be sourced offshore. Amount shall be settled when lands are sold under Phase III. Security for the Lending Trust/Syndicated Loan shall be the plots for which infrastructure had been provided.